247E West Main Street

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Welcome to NCRFC!

We are a physical therapy center for dogs located in Northborough, Massachusetts.  Services we offer include, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Exercises, Hydrotherapy, Laser Therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments and Specialized In-Home Pet Sitting.  Our caring staff works together to create a customized treatment plan for your pet, based on your Veterinarian's recommendations and physical evaluation.  Canine Rehabilitation can help relieve pain and increase strength and mobility, especially in post surgical repairs, non-surgical injuries, degenerative diseases and more. 

Welcome to NCRFC!

We're Moving!

NCRFC is expanding!  We have been helping so many dogs to stay active, we need more space to exercise.  Our New Canine Rehab Center will be located at 276 West Main Street in Northborough, MA.  The 2000sq. ft. facility will be home to our New 200sq. ft. IN-GROUND Therapy Pool.  This upgrade, along with our Underwater Treadmill, will optimize our Hydrotherapy treatments.  There will be a designated arena with specialized physical therapy equipment, for all Therapeutic Exercises, needed for Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness.  We are eager to open our doors and continue to improve the quality of life in your pet.


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