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Canine Rehabilitation

    Canine Rehabilitation adapts human physical therapy techniques to increase function and mobility of joints and muscles in dogs. It can reduce pain and enhance recovery from injury, surgery, degenerate diseases, age-related diseases and obesity. The goal of Canine Rehabilitation is to improve quality of life and decrease chronic pain.

    Geriatric and severely compromised patients can exercise weak limbs without the normal weight-bearing stresses on their joints.   Rehabilitation helps maintain a more ideal body condition and improves your pets' quality of life.


    Swedish Massage relieves tension in muscles and stimulates muscle development. It helps speed up recovery from injuries and surgery by increasing blood flow  and relieving muscle spasms. Passive range of motion (PROM) is accomplished through flexing and extension of the joint to its limits.  PROM is used to encourage your dog to use the full range of motion of their joints.


    Therapeutic Exercises make use of equipment designed to strengthen weak muscles and build up limbs affected by atrophy. These exercises include cavaletti poles and balance boards. Your pet is encouraged to place some weight on the surgical repair, building muscle in the affected area and increasing coordination.


Hydrotherapy uses water as a tool to improve muscle and joint function. Hydrostatic pressure in the water reduces pain during their exercise. Dogs that are immobile on land can "walk" or swim freely in the water due to the buoyancy and viscosity that supports them.  Swimming allows your pet to work several muscles at once while stretching further than walking on land would allow. The underwater treadmill provides the benefits of land exercises while decreasing the weight placed on the patient's limbs.


 Canine hydrotherapy is extremely effective in improving muscle strength, endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, range of motion and agility. It has a direct effect on the heart rate and oxygen uptake. This also aids in weight reduction and toning of your pet.



 We are pleased to offer canine chiropractic sessions
with Dr. Cheryl Tarateta, an experienced animal chiropractor,
certified by the IVCA.
The benefits of canine chiropractic care are immeasurable.
Normal healthy dogs can continue on the playful path, working dogs can achieve peak performance, and older dogs may feel a reduction in pain and enjoy increased mobility.

Canine chiropractic care helps with:

- Chronic musculoskeletal problems
- Acute problems with stiffness and tension
- Maintain soundness with older animals
- Enhancing performance capability of sport dogs
- Treatment for chronic lameness

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