Ashton Wilkinson


Animal Care (AS)

Ashton Wilkinson has been working at Northboro Canine Rehab & Fitness Center for two and a half years now.  She graduated from Becker College in 2013 with her Associate of Science in Animal Care Management.   After doing an internship in a small animal clinic she decided to do an internship at the rehab center and that’s when it was apparent that that’s where she belonged.  She has worked with a variety of dogs and now understands all their different needs.  Ashton happily accepts any challenge with a smile and gives every patient her all.  She will try to make sure the patients are having fun and enjoying their time here.  Ashton loves the work she does and can’t imagine being anywhere else.


In Ashton’s spare time she enjoys hanging out with all of her pets.  Whether it’s going bareback on her horse through the yard, running with her new puppy, or playing fetch with her cats, being with her animals makes her the happiest.  She also enjoys going hiking, camping, and trail riding with fellow animal lovers including Susanne.  She’s currently working on training her new puppy and enjoying every minute of it.  For Ashton, being with animals has always been very important to her.