Susanne Russell


Owner & Founder

Susanne Russell began her career in the veterinary field as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 1987.  She worked in small animal general practice for six years before expanding her education to equine studies at Colorado State University. She then worked at and managed a large equine breeding program with reining horses at the Simon Reining horse farm in Paxton, Massachusetts. She has worked as a technician at Community Animal Hospital, then at Tufts University in ophthalmology and in the ICU and in-patient wards.  There she was introduced to the field of rehabilitation. This, it seemed, was to become her future passion. Susanne then enrolled at the Bancroft School for Canine Massage and became a certified therapist in 2005.  She then attended Canine Rehab Institute while working as an anesthesia and specialty technician for an orthopedic specialist, Melissa Dudley, for 8 more years.  She has worked at the New England Canine Rehabilitation Center in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts then at the Pieper Olsen Canine Rehabilitation Center in Middletown, Connecticut. She went on to open the Northborough Canine Rehab & Fitness Center in 2011, and since then, built a new outstanding facility that opened in 2015.

She is very happy to offer a variety of special services and a wonderful team here in beautiful Northborough Massachusetts.

When not making a difference in all of her patients’ lives she enjoys being with her dogs and horses, taking them all camping together to many different places.