Hydro Treadmill

June 8 2017

I’ve pretty much known what I wanted to do with my life since I was 13 years old. Working with animals is so rewarding and always reminds you what life is really about. Oh, so you like working with animals? Boom. Your future has veterinarian written all over it. But truly, what did I know? I would go to a couple of Lilo’s annual appointments at the vet and get all excited about vaccines and drawing blood (don’t get me wrong, I still do more than ever), but that was about it for my level of exposure. About a year ago I brought in a dog from the local shelter I was working at for rehab. I hadn’t started interning with NCRFC, obviously, so I had little to no idea what kind of appointment this was. All I knew was that the dog I was bringing in had knee issues and I was bringing him to physical therapy.

It was my first time seeing Susanne’s magical hands at work—this unique kind of treatment wasn’t very different from what humans went through after physical injuries. I then met Ashton and then the dog and I went back with her to do this thing they called “hydro”. Mkay. Cool. Water thing.

 If I remember anything from that day it was that feeling of whhhhhaaaat—a dog…on a treadmill…that’s filled with water…

            I can put the pieces together now; I remember people used to say swimming was a good exercise when people had issues with joints and stuff. Depending on how high the water is filled, some of the dog’s body weight is held up by the water so there is low impact and the water can create some resistance for building muscle and improving joint flexibility.

            That all sounds great, right? Let’s see the proof!