Your First Visit


Prior to your dog’s appointment, our certified massage therapist will review the patient’s medical records.  

Upon arrival, each client will be asked about their dog’s most current history (including information about his/her appetite, diet, weight, daily exercise routine, etc). We will also collect a weight at each visit to monitor any changes.

Each patient will then be seen by our certified massage therapist. Clients are encouraged to stay with their dog during this time. Before beginning the massage, limb measurements will be taken to monitor progress. During the massage, clients will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn at-home techniques. If desired, laser therapy can be performed during the massage. 

After the massage is complete, rehabilitation exercises will begin if the patient’s condition allows. Our facility houses canine exercise equipment that can be utilized by patients including an underwater treadmill, land treadmill, FitPaws gym and heated swimming pool.  All exercises will be performed under the supervision of a trained rehabilitation assistant. We ask that all clients bring a towel to use after hydrotherapy.

Before leaving, each client will receive an at-home recommendation sheet that explains recommended exercises and massage techniques that can be performed throughout the week. 

A staff member will be in contact with each client within a few days to check in on the patient's progress. Clients are always encouraged to call sooner if they notice a sudden problem.