Northborough Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Center offers a customized suite of services including massage therapy, cold laser treatments, strength and stabilization exercises, hydrotherapy, fitness programs, swimming, grooming and boarding.


We have a small, but versitile retail area with dog food and treats, training products, biothane and leather leashes, and specialty items including HelpEmUp Harnesses and ElleVet CBD oil for dogs and cats.

Specialized Daycare

We provide specialized daycare for seniors, dogs with special needs, and dog who are handicapped.

Wheelchairs for Canines

Working with a specialist, NCRFC has the ability to provide your canine in need of a wheelchair with access to a custom made wheelchair suited for your dog's needs.

Initially, we provide a measurement and physical to allow us to understand your dog's needs. Next, we will have your dog fitted to a custom model wheelchair with the help of our specialist. Finally, we will do follow up sessions as necessary to make sure the wheelchair is properly fitted. 

Beginner Level Nose Work

Does your dog sniff everything on a walk? Are you looking for a fun game you can play together? Perhaps you’d like to cultivate a bond with a new canine family member or to form a working partnership with your dog? Is your dog older or recovering from an injury and Susanne has suggested an enrichment activity that can be tailored to your dog’s needs? Then please ask us about nose work classes at NCRFC! 

Dog Training Classes: Canine Training & Behavioral Services

Whether your dog is new to training or you are looking to brush up on commands or advance to the next level, we will work with any breed and can accommodate a variety of behavioral problems, including aggression. Providing obedience training, socialization, and behavioral modification, we tailor our services to your dog’s needs and your goals.

What we offer:



Your canine athlete will be evaluated structurally. This is important as the specific exercise programs can be designed to take advantage of your dog's strengths and mitigate its weaknesses.


Massage therapy relieves tension in muscles and stimulates muscle development.


HYDROTHERAPY uses water as a tool to improve muscle and joint function.


Fitness programs are designed to address each individual dog’s abilities and their owner’s goals for their dog.


Cold laser is a non-invasive procedure, using light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation.
We offer single sessions and bundles of 6 sessions for a discounted $250.00.


The swimming program is designed to teach dogs how to swim and get them more comfortable in the water.


We provide specialized grooming and care for dogs with special needs.

Pet boarding at NCRFC

We provide specialized day care and overnight boarding for our guests with special needs. Our caring staff will administer medications, perform home therapy exercises and assist your pet out for eliminations day or night. All guests are closely monitored and visits are documented so you can review your pet’s care while you were away. Staff can also arrange transport of your pet to NCRFC for their scheduled rehabilitation session if desired. Please note, pricing will be determined based upon the amount of care required.

If you have questions or would like to book a stay at our boarding facility please contact us or call us at (774) 262-8151.