HYDROTHERAPY uses water as a tool to improve muscle and joint function. NCRFC offers hydrotherapy in our underwater treadmill as well as a 200 sq. foot semi in-ground pool. Hydrotherapy is extremely effective in improving muscle strength, endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, weight loss, range of motion, and agility. It can also reduce the de-conditioning effects of immobility.

The underwater treadmill provides the benefits of land exercises while decreasing the weight placed on the patient's limbs. Walking in shoulder deep water requires 65% more effort than walking on land. Water is 15 times more viscous than air and the hydro-static pressure reduces pain during your pet's exercise.

Swimming allows your pet to work several muscles at once while stretching further than walking on land would allow. Dogs that are immobile on land can “walk” or swim freely in the water due to the buoyancy and viscosity that supports them.

We also offer “introduction to swim” sessions to teach dogs how to swim and get them more comfortable in the water. Swimming or underwater treadmill sessions will vary based on patient aptitude, comfort level, condition, and fitness. Our programs are specifically tailored to your dog's needs. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your experience here!

Onee in the underwater treadmill.