Bailey Mae & Eddy Cyr


We have been blessed with 6 great dogs who have shared our lives over many years. The latest duo--Eddy the Wire Haired Fox Terrier (AKA "Fast Ass" Eddy) and Bailey Mae Cry, and 11-year-old Airedale, bring us much joy. When Bailey Mae began to limp badly in late 2012, we took her to her vet when, after a few days, it wasn't getting better. After the vet examined her and did X-rays, the news wasn't good...ligament damage, including a torn ACL in her left hind knee, and likely had damage on the right side as well. Surgical repair for the left knee was recommended. With no guarantee that surgery would be successful and a hefty price tag for the surgery, we decided to seek other options. We shop for the dog's food and supplies at PT Pet Supply in Webster and mentioned Bailey's condition to the owner, Yolanda. She suggested checking out NCRFC, as another customer of PT Supply had excellent success with his dog being rehabbed there. We paid a visit to meet Susanne and have Bailey Mae evaluated. We immediately saw the knowledge Susanne brought to her profession and sensed the deep care she had for the animals she was charged with helping. In January of 2013, Bailey started weekly 90 minute sessions with Susanne which included massage, hydro, and physical therapy. We are amazed by and ever so grateful for how well Bailey has done. As I write this in early Sept. 2013, she has gained muscle in both hind legs which has strengthened the areas around the knees and she now walks with no visible limp. After months of being on a "short leash" of limited activity, she now can venture out into the neighborhood and take walks with Eddy again. She doesn't go as far or as fast as she used to (who of us do?!?) but she goes and does well. It is great to have her with us for these family walks that we all enjoy. Neighbors who are used to seeing us on our frequent dog walks, are amazed by how well Bailey is doing. We proudly and enthusiastically tell them about our experience at Northboro Canine Rehab and Fitness Center. As great dog lovers, we are struck by how deeply Susanne connects with her canine patinets. You can tell immediately how deeply she cares. We also have come to appreciate Susanne's thorough veterinary knowledge and experience. Based on her recommendation, we did go forward with surgery to remove a fatty tumor that has grown very large on Bailey's left front side. Susanne suggested that it would likely impact mobility of her front leg. Bailey recovered very well from the surgery, and we expect her to improve even more as she continues her sessions with Susanne. Susanne brings the unique combination of deep caring and strong professional knowledge to her vocation. Her presence in the world is a great blessing to all--human and canine--who come to know her. It feels so good and I get to talk to her and she listens and understands me! I love Susanne and I know she loves me back! Thank you for all you do, Susanne, to care for our Bailey Mae and so many other fur kids! We are very, very grateful. With love from Susan & Darryl Cyr, and of course Bailey Mae!

Bailey Mae Cyr
Bailey Mae Cyr - Airedale & Wire Haired Fox Terrier