Writing this note to you is one of the most difficult letters I have ever written, as I have lost my best friend, "Bear". Your compassion, dedication, and care for Bear must NOT go un-noticed. Since meeting you, thanks to Bear, I feel you have become part of my family. For a person who sat with my dying dog in her lap for 4 hours or more is probably the most outstanding thing that has been given us. We believe it's because of you Bear had an extra 2 years of life, thanks to the therapy, laser, and care you showed Bear. 

Please, anytime use us as a reference to your caring, unique therapy style and knowledge of dogs. Hoping your business flourishes, as it should. 

*These clients offered to be personal references--if you would like their contact information, please contact NCRFC directly.*

Gerry & Elaine
Bear - Newfoundland