Charlie - ACL Therapy

Charlie in park

My Dog Charlie had his second ACL surgery when NCRFC was recommended to me for this recovery and therapy. On top of getting deep tissue massages, they worked out his balance, and provided water therapy with weights for strengthening. It was later found during the course of this treatment that his second surgery didn't go as planned and a 3rd ACL surgery was needed. If it wasn't for their keen sense to detail, it may have gone unnoticed for a while. After his 3rd surgery, therapy continued and although Charlie sits a little to one side, he still loves to fetch, play ball, run with other dogs and swim during the summer. Some people are amazed and even question if he even had surgery at all because of how active and energetic he still is. I really owe it to NCRFC's hard work and also educating me as well on things I can do at home to help further his exercises and continue his therapy.

Charlie - Boarder Collie/Beagle Mix