Gandalf is so much better!

Gandalf with therapist

Gandalf is a 9-year old German Shepherd. In November of 2016, he suddenly became unable to climb the stairs to go to bed at night and to jump up into the car for his rides. It got so bad that he fell back on top of me 3 times. He weighing in at 120 pounds and me at 100 pounds was a disaster in the making. We both could have been seriously injured.

Then I heard through a friend about NCRFC and since Christmas 2016 we have been visiting there weekly for therapeutic massage with laser, fitness routines, and hydro-therapy. This has brought Gandalf back to an active, happy dog who is able to climb stairs and chase rabbits (and even a bear). Without the dedicated and capable staff at NCRFC who lovingly work their magic, I would hate to think what Gandalf would be like today. Would he even be able to walk? Scary to think about.

Not only are the staff experienced and capable but they are also caring, loving, and nurturing to both client and owner. I believe Gandalf and I have been blessed to have found NCRFC. Not only is Gandalf getting the therapy he needs but I am also benefitting from the friendship I have found there.

Jane Ingersoll-Mahoney
Gandalf - German Shepard