Sir Wellington

Sir Wellington is the love of my life, anyone who has had a best friend knows what I am talking about. He has had his share of health issues over the years and when he became crippled from an FCE at age 9, NCRFC came into our lives. Fortunately, Wellington’s paralysis was temporary and thanks to Susanne and Ashton and the rest of the NCRFC team he made a full recovery. He has continued his therapy over the years as weakness in the hindquarters would return without regular physical workouts. And now that Wellington is almost 15 years old his condition has been more difficult to manage and we rely on NCRFC even more. In addition to therapy for Wellington, Susanne provides so much more in the way of support, from general nursing care to coming to our rescue when Wellington wondered off and got lost in the woods with no chance of being found without her and Trot (they saved his life, literally). NCRFC is a happy, positive place, not just for Wellington and me but for all the patients and their families I have come to know over the years. It is therapy for the dog, and the people that love them too.

Lynn Bailey
Sir Wellington - Cardigan Welsh Corgi