Jolly Cooper


I don't know where I'd be without Susanne--literally. Certainly not in front of this heavenly wood stove with a belly full of chicken. Amazing Susanne gave me the priceless gifts of a home and three loving friends. I had such a rocky scary start when I was first born with all that hunger and itching and parasites down south. Then after a lot of traveling and upheaval I found myself with Susanne and my skinny friend one sunny afternoon. I could tell from the tone of her voice that she was putting in some really good words for me. It took Teri FOREVER to decide to take me home, but Susanne kept bringing her to see me so I could show what an extraordinary, sweet puppy I am. I liked my new home immediately expect for they kept dragging me out to these scary places with lots of trees and strange noises and weird smells and NO dogs--it was terrifying! I could tell Teri was a little frustrated with me but it was harrowing thinking I was about to be eaten by some wild creature out there in the woods. I just couldn't figure out why on earth they kept taking me there. Fortunately Susanne, who speaks canine a heck of a lot better than Teri, intervened and volunteered Oshee to come along on one of those crazy outings. I was shocked to see that Oshee seemed to like the whole thing--enjoy it even. She took me aside and explained that humans are a little crazy (how else would you account for them being inside so much) and showed me the ropes of how to hike without having a heart attack. I even kind of like it now.

Lately I've been feeling sort of ouchy after running all day and playing tug with all my pals at daycare. I wasn't sure that being at Susanne's was such a good idea at first, but Susanne says funny things to me while she rubs my ouches. Plus she feeds me great cookies and lets me play in a water tank! Gracie says she doesn't like all that exercise, but what's not to love? and WOW do I feel even so much better after visiting Susanne. I can run and run and run and run and stay way ahead of all of the other daycare dogs.

So I owe almost all of the things that make me happy to Susanne. She is one of the most generous, kind, smart, and empathetic humans I've met. I hope she knows how deeply I appreciate all that she's done for me, my humans, and my friend Gracie.

Jolly Cooper
Jolly Cooper - Lab Mix