Lily Kaczor


We adopted Lilly, a Border Collie Mix, in 2001 at the age of 9 months. Life was good for her for almost 9 years. 

In 2010 Lilly had a mammary mass removed and had a quick recovery. In February 2014 she was brought to Tufts with a limp. It was determined that she had an ACL tear in her right hind limb. She had TTA surgery at the age of 13.

With onen leg not completely healed, in April we brought her again to Tufts. It was determined she now had a rupture of the left Cranial Cruciate ligament. 

We decided not to have surgery this time and had Lilly fitted with a brace. Around this time, May, we were given a leaflet explaining NCRFC. We had been taking Lilly for therapy ever since, every week at first and now every two weeks. Lilly seems to look forward to the trip to Northborough and the various therapies--heat, massage, laser, water treadmill. The staff makes it possible for her to walk and enjoy her life. They give her the stamina she needs. 

At the age of 15 she still has a good quality of life. Lilly still likes to move, eat, and chew her bones.When we go on vacation, we board Lilly through NCRFC. We always feel that she is safe as the girls know her needs. 

Pat & Charlie Kaczor

Lilly Kaczor
Lilly - Border Collie Mix