My dog actually looked forward to coming here


My dog Luna was paralyzed after a fall off the couch in mid March. After a intensive back surgery they managed to correct her slipped disc but she was left unable to use her back legs. I was recommended to a closer dog rehab to my house but I elected to travel to north borough canine rehab weekly based off of the recommendations of a good friend. Bringing my Luna there was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. The doctors told me it would be 50-50 if she would walk again. Susanne and her team assured me that if I was willing to spend the time that they would get my girl back to her old self and they did not dissapoint. Between the massages and the water treadmill and other physical excercises my little frenchie Luna was back to her old self like nothing had happened after less than 2 months attending rehab there. By the end of the first month Luna loved going to hang out with her new friends and actually lookforward to going. Luna passed a few months after she stopped receiving rehab from an unrelated incident. The first card I received in the mail consoling me on the loss of my dog was a hand written note from Northborough Canine Rehab. These people are amazing and they’re real dog people. I’m so greatlful for all you did for us!

Matthew Brody
Luna Brody - French Bulldog