Reesie Clark



When I first brought Reesie to you she had just had an FHO on her right side. Reesie was in a lot of pain and had a very limited range of motion. I was too afraid, at first, to go anywhere near her surgery leg because I thought I was only going to make it worse. 

After every appointment Reesie had with you I noticed a huge improvement with her comfort. She was using her leg more, she would put more weight down on her leg, and she had a better range of motion. Now, only six months after her surgery date she plays, runs, and jumps just like she used to. 

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for all of the help you have provided during her recovery. Your time and dedication is truly appreciated. You loved and cared for Reesie just like she was one of your own dogs. Thank you for staying late to accommodate my work schedule, all of the advice you have given me to help Reesie through her recovery at home, and making sure that Reesie was always as comfortable as possible. Now when I ask Reesie if she wants to go to see "Susanne and Kellye" she runs to the door and can't wait to see you both. 

Susanne, I could not have done this without you.

Thank you so much!!

Ashley Clark & Reesie

Reesie Clark
Ashley Clark - Miniature Pinscher