Rosie Cooper


I must pause from my heaping plate of General Chow's Chicken at the meat lover's all you can eat buffet to say how much I LOVE Susanne. Scary things are just a faint memory to me now, but I do have a dim remembrance of having been terrified of most new places and people in my former life. I most definitely have a vivid memory of how safe and happy Susanne always made me feel. Oh sure, sometimes I might have squirmed when she massaged me, but that's just because I knew Susanne would give me more cookies--and Susanne always went out of her way to put me at ease, doing things like massaging me in the sunbeam by the door, calling me her little nugget, and smooching me on my nose. She has the warmest heart, and always made me smile while I did those silly jumps, calling me "applebum" (just what is an applebum anyway?) and tossing me cookies if I stopped between jumps. Susanne gave me the hugest, kindest smile and warmest hug when I wore my punk hairdo. She made it all so fun that I forgot to be scared, and I loved going there. Plus for some reason my hip felt much better after seeing must have been all those hugs she gave me. She always was doing extraordinary kindnesses for my friends Teri, Isa, and Gracie as well as me. Sometimes at night when Teri was really worried about me I could hear her call Susanne. I could hear the relief in Teri's voice after speaking with her, and of course that made me feel better too. I was always in such wonderful capable hands with Susanne. One other huge kindness she showed me is she found Dr. Laste for me--not that I ever wanted more vets, but Dr. Laste helped me feel really good for quite a while. I was able to take so many more walks, snuggle so many more nights with my friends, sniff so many more trails, and savor so much more delectable chicken all because of those extra days Susanne's help gave me.

In my old life I couldn't speak human. All I could do was wag my tail, cock my head, and twinkle my big brown eyes at Susanne to thank her for her exceptional competence, knowledge, kindness, generosity, heart, and warmth. But even with all those human words I will never be able to thank Susanne enough for the countless, extraordinary things she did for me. 

PS: Susanne's mom and dad say to tell her they are watching over her and send their love. I curl up with them each night and we all fall asleep talking about how much we love her. 

Rosie Cooper
Rosie Cooper - Beagle