Sebastian Baker



I can't thank you enough for your work with Sebastian over the past year. I'm not always certain how he will react to people, especially anyone who decides they are going to smoother him with kisses and bear hugs, and literally lie on top of him while they stretch sore, tight muscles...OR put him in a treadmill filled with water and stick balloons on his rear legs!! But I had no worries after the first time he met you. You have such a wonderful way with him. He really trusts you, and your staff, and that's not easy for him. I love the way he knows the routine, and jumps right into the treadmill on his own (never mind the way he comes in thinking he can empty the entire box of toys). Just the fact that I can drop him off and know that he is in such capable and safe hands is a testament to your relationship with him. I know he loves coming to see you, because he starts barking and jumping on me in excitement at the mere mention of your name. It has been amazing to watch him progress and become a more confident jumper--even though he's doing it with a little extra help. But that's okay. He so loves agility and with your help he has been able to continue. And, who knows, maybe some day we'll even fix that vision problem!!! (Just kidding!)

From chiropractors, vets, groomers, fellow agility competitors, friends, and other professionals, your reputation precedes you - and it is justified. You have made such a difference in the lives of so many animals as a dedicated professional and a caring individual. Hope everything works out with your future plans. You deserve it!

Gratefully yours,

Denise Baker & Sebastian 

Sebastian Baker
Sebastian Baker - Australian Shepherd