Suzanne Helped Save My Baby

I cannot recommend NCRFC fervently or frequently enough. Just under 6 years ago, my St. Bernard Sal had come out of a fairly inconsequential surgery just not acting like himself, as time went by lingering effects of anesthesia were ruled out and we were referred to NCRFC - going in there with very generic explanations of his condition along the lines of "he's just not himself". Through skillful trial and error Suzanne recommended we see a neurologist at Tufts. They diagnosed and subsequently operated on Sal for wobbler's disease, a major surgery with a long & arduous recovery - Suzanne was there for us the entire way basically teaching Sal how to move again - without her expertise it would've taken much longer to get him diagnosed and as a degenerative disease, time is of the essence. We've been back for acute issues which get resolved within a couple visits - I'm truly grateful to have NCRFC as a resource.

McKinney Family
Sal McKinney - Mostly St. Bernard