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After recovering from TPL surgery, my beautiful yellow Labrador Noah again started to weaken in his back end.

Alison and Dan Huck

Casino was very athletic in his earlier years finishing both conformation and field championships.

Patty Ewing

Our golden retriever, Abby, had premature arthritis, probably from Lyme disease.

Rachael Armstrong

NCRFC ROCKS!! Our vet recommended Susanne to see if she could help our elderly dog Jack who was losing strength in his back legs.

Eileen Valinski & Joe LaReau

Dear Susanne & Staff,

Eric & Dawn Vandenakker


Gerry & Elaine

Sir Wellington is the love of my life, anyone who has had a best friend knows what I am talking about.

Lynn Bailey

I cannot recommend NCRFC fervently or frequently enough. Just under 6 years ago, my St.

McKinney Family

Gandalf is a 9-year old German Shepherd.

Jane Ingersoll-Mahoney

I am grateful to Susanne for her therapeutic work on my foundation bitch Dinah (GCH Blackthorn & PatchMT Thru the Looking Glass AX AXJ).

Pam Devlin

My Dog Charlie had his second ACL surgery when NCRFC was recommended to me for this recovery and therapy.


After Kenni's first luxating surgery on one of her back legs, she stopped using that leg entirely and learned to get around on three legs.


Rosie has been coming to NCRFC for over 2 years. Susanne has helped her tremendously and is the most canine intuitive person I have ever met.

Elizabeth Krebs

I had my dog Adrienne from September of 2006 until September 26th., 2016, when she lost her battle with bone cancer.

Ed Pavia

Shilo is our 10 year old Golden Doodle developed hip dysplasia at a very early age, under 2.

Beth Hanka

My dog Luna was paralyzed after a fall off the couch in mid March.

Matthew Brody


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Snowy Derby

Dear Susanne,

Hershey Bear Dahill

We have been blessed with 6 great dogs who have shared our lives over many years.

Bailey Mae Cyr

I don't know where I'd be without Susanne--literally. Certainly not in front of this heavenly wood stove with a belly full of chicken.

Jolly Cooper

Hi my name is Gracie Cooper and I am known for my EXUBERANCE.

Gracie Cooper

I must pause from my heaping plate of General Chow's Chicken at the meat lover's all you can eat buffet to say how much I LOVE Susanne.

Rosie Cooper

Tessa, a female Australian Shepherd, had great potential for altered conformation and obedience titles.

Tessa Concannon


Reesie Clark

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