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Help your best friend feel better.

Northborough Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Center is a physiotherapy center specializing in the rehabilitation of injured, post-surgical, and senior animals. 

Dog in training


NCRFC is a physiotherapy center for animals located in Northborough, Massachusetts.  Our caring staff works together to create a customized treatment plan for your pet, based on your Veterinarian's recommendations and physical evaluation.


Animal rehabilitation can help relieve pain and increase strength and mobility, especially in post surgical repairs, non-surgical injuries, degenerative diseases and more.  We also offer grooming, training, day school, and conditioning for high performance animals.

Husky in water treadmill for hydrotherapy


Canine Athletics Evaluation

Your canine athlete will be evaluated structurally to design a specific exercise program that takes advantage of your dog's strengths and mitigates its weaknesses.

Cold Laser Therapy


Cold laser is a non-invasive procedure, using light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation.

Fitness and Conditioning


Fitness programs are designed to address each individual dog’s abilities and their owner’s goals for their dog.

Grooming - Regular and Special Needs


We can provide specialized grooming and care for dogs with special needs.



Hydrotherapy uses water as a tool to improve muscle and joint function.

Introduction to Swimming


The swimming program is designed to teach dogs how to swim and get them more comfortable in the water.

Manual Therapy


Manual therapy relieves tension in muscles and reduces joint pain.


Please reach out to us about custom orthotics for your pet.  We specialize in design and production of several types of products and have had great success with the functionality and durability of our designs.


We have a small, but versatile retail area with dog food and treats, training products, biothane and leather leashes, and specialty items including HelpEmUp Harnesses and ElleVet CBD oil for dogs and cats.

Specialized Daycare


We provide specialized daycare for seniors, dogs with special needs, and dog who are handicapped.


We offer a wide range of training for groups and individuals, both at our facility and at your home.

Wheelchairs for Canines

Working with a specialist, NCRFC has the ability to provide your canine in need of a wheelchair with access to a custom made device suited to their needs.

Dog in pool for training



276 West Main Street,
Northborough, MA 01532


7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday - Thursday

7:00 AM - 3:00 PM


7:00 AM - 4:00 PM



50 Birch Hill Road
West Brookfield, MA 01585


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