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Corgi fitness training

Canine Fitness Evaluation

Your dog will be evaluated for overall muscle fitness. A gait assessment will be performed determining stride length, quality of movement. The gait analysis uses a computer program to analyze your dog's strides.


Appropriate conditioning programs for young dogs will yield benefits once the dog is old enough to compete, if they are doing so. 

Developing a comprehensive conditioning program for the active adult dog ensures the dog is best prepared for various activities and will prevent or reduce the severity of injuries.

Canine athletes that are recovering from injuries will undergo a rehabilitation and retraining program. This will be based upon the injury and physical condition at the time of the evaluation.


The gait analysis is a tool used to examine movement patterns. Along with identifying imbalances and core injuries/instabilities, gait analysis has the ability to identify asymmetry (excessive loading on one limb or another) and predisposed joint injury. These issues often begin to present themselves as subtle changes from an early age, but can go undetected and cause long term soft tissue and joint problems. Gait analysis can help in discovering problems early on, contributing invaluable information in regards to an efficient fitness treatment program.  As full range of motion is crucial for efficient form, function, and good quality of life, we recommend the gait analysis to keep your dog in peak condition.

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