Gracie Cooper


Hi my name is Gracie Cooper and I am known for my EXUBERANCE. Some dogs like to flush rodents from their ground holes; some dogs work in circles to shepherd their flock; others (like my cousins) enjoy treeing a raccoon; but my mission in life is to HUNT FOR FOOD and I am very motivated and determined. 

I am a bit older than some who come to visit Susanne (82 human years and very mature too). My age doesn't deter me from my life's mission to EAT FOOD. My routine weekly visits to "Rehab" are strenuous (and silly). Who ever thought of making us do all those things?

  • Standing me on a wooden board and rocking me side to side (I get dizzy)
  • Making me jump hurdles in a series that are way too tall for my short legs
  • Putting me in a glass chamber with warm water and soaking me from head to toe while I walk without going anywhere 
  • Stretching my limbs by pushing and pulling my legs and arms together and apart
  • Heating my achy back by placing warm sacs of flax seeds on top

What for???

The only good thing is that I get a treat while I am doing those crazy things. So I work hard for all the food I get then I try to get away. Yes, I am an excellent SQUIRMER. I try to break Susanne's firm grip by moving to the right, moving to the left and then propelling myself backwards. By this point, she either gives me food or let's me take a break from the spa treatment. Sometimes I think that she is too patient with me and I wish that she would get frustrated with me sooner so that I would get food sooner.

If I think back over the last four years (that's how long I have been coming here) I can honestly say that my favorite thing has been seeing Susanne. I don't like what she makes me do, but seeing her brightens my day. She knows so much, always gives 110% and if I get myself in a pickle, I can rest assured that she will bail me out. 

Susanne, thank you for being my personal trainer (although not quite as enjoyable as eating a bowl of chicken and rice), you have helped me develop my herculean thighs and butt. Please always remember one thing...KEEP THE FOOD COMING!

Happy Holidays,


Gracie Cooper
Gracie Cooper - Beagle