Hershey Bear Dahill


Dear Susanne,

I am using Mommy's computer while she is away so I'm sorry if there are errors in my letter. My paws are very big and I hit many keys at the same time! I heard Mommy say she wrote a Christmas wish for you earlier, but I wanted to write my own Christmas letter to you. Do you remember the very cold snowy night in February 2011 when I first came to visit you? I was very surprised that my Mommy took me and Samantha (my human niece) out for a car ride in a blizzard! Mommy does let me play in the snow but usually she doesn't take me out for a ride on bad driving days. I was surprised again when we drove to the back of the shopping mall and I saw the glow from your window through the falling snow. I thought everyone usually goes home on bad snowy nights! I remember that I fell out of the car that night when I got up to jump out of the back and my Mommy was very sad but you made me feel better and you told Mommy a lot of things about me that made her less sad. I walked very well that night when I headed to the door to go home! Later that week, I couldn't walk at all. Mommy laid next to me all night patting me and crying. The next morning, Mommy and Papa (my Grandpa) took me to Tufts where they thought I may be too sick to live. It was very scary for me since I have never been away from Mommy. My Mommy asked the doctors to give me surgery but I still couldn't walk. Mommy told me she called you and you came every night to visit and help me get better! You helped my Mommy stop crying. You never gave up on me even when I couldn't move any of my feet. You pinched my toes which I didn't like very much but you were very kind to me and always tucked me in and gave me a kiss on my head before you left. You came to visit everyday to help me even though I tried to bite you a few times during my physical therapy. I am very sorry about the biting thing. I didn't realize what you were doing was helping me so that I could stand up and walk. I did walk out of the hospital at Tufts a few weeks later with the help of the harness you gave my Mommy. 

It was so great to stand up and see things again! I wish you could have seen me that day! The next week, Mommy drove me to visit you everyday for 6 weeks. I wasn't sure why she did that but you helped me get stronger and one day when my Mommy came to pick me up, I got up by myself to go home! I remember everyone clapping and crying when I did that. Mommy was clapping and crying too. I was very proud of myself that day. I got sick again that summer but you helped me get stronger and reminded Mommy about the special food she gave me when I was in the hospital. The food and the physical therapy made me feel better and I got stronger! Mommy thought I was still walking funny and called the nice doctor that did my surgery. My tumor had grown very big and I had to go to radiation in the Fall. I didn't like getting a needle everyday. It was very scary but you messaged me every week so I would not be as scared and I would feel better when I went to the hospital. I knew that Mommy would be waiting for me everyday after my treatment, which made me happy and I was calmer about everything because you helped me. I didn't lose any weight while I was treated either! I know I have not been on my best behavior at times, but I really do appreciate all you have done to help me feel better. I can walk with my Mommy and visit my neighborhood friends everyday! You made my Mommy happy and that makes me happy too. My Mommy says you have an incredible gift that goes beyond a job and a paycheck and you help little furry children like myself get better when other people think they can't be helped. I know they are wrong since you sure helped me! I'll tell you a secret. When Mommy tell s me we are going to visit you, I get very excited and happy. I love my massages and all the cookies you give me when I visit. I am very proud of myself when I finish in the water tank. Even though I don't always show it, you are one of my favorite friends and I really love you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and making my Mommy happy. You are a very special friend to both of us and we hope you have the best Christmas ever! Woof Woof XOXOXO Hershey Bear Dahill and Mommy 

Hershey Bear Dahill
Hershey Bear Dahill - Newfoundland