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Zeus - Jodi M.

"I can not say enough about Susanne and her wonderful staff. My dog went to her about 4 years ago for a torn ACL, and this again this past August for one on his other leg. She told me it would be about 3 months of weekly/bi weekly therapy the first time. 3 months later you would never know he had an injury. Jump ahead 4 years and it's happened again on his other leg. The first person I knew to call was Susanne. Zeus is 13 and I wasn't sure if therapy would work as well this time, but if anyone could help get him walking on his own again, I knew it would be her. During this last 3 months Zeus has developed a few other issues and Susanne has been such a HUGE help to us. Her compassion for animals is above any I have ever seen. She has a wonderful gift of being able to connect with dogs, and humans in such a compassionate way. Her expertise is nothing short of amazing. She and her staff (Patrick and Beth, who also helped with Zeus) are deeply caring about the welfare of the dogs they help. Zeus just graduated and is back to running through the house like a wild man. I will be forever grateful to her for helping Zeus get his life back. THANK YOU"

Zeus Testimonial.jpeg

Emrik - Jennifer B.

"Northboro Canine's facility is amazing, the staff are kind to dogs and humans alike, and they offer very reasonable pricing, especially considering the equipment available for the dogs to use and expert care the dogs receive. Emrik is my FEMA prospect puppy who received the unexpected diagnosis of HOD in April and in order for him to fulfill the working dog goals we have for him he & I need assistance in all aspects of his rehabilitation.I am hoping that with Susanne's care and rehabilitation protocols and her knowledgeable staff's help and guidance he can achieve a full recovery and be able to test on the rubble for FEMA suitably when he is 12 months.It's important to me to be involved with Emrik's recovery, both at home as well as at the facility, not only because he is my working dog prospect but because I like to understand what is happening with him and increase my knowledge as well. I appreciate that my pup *doesn't* disappear behind closed doors, without me, for treatment and care. I also appreciate that we are given homework and told how to properly perform that home care and that we can send video and photos for feedback if necessary. His recovery won't be overnight, it will be a journey and boy does that journey look a lot less daunting when you have knowledgeable guides helping you along the way.If your dog needs intensive rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustment, or you're looking for advice on how to improve your dog's overall fitness and flexibility to help them remain pain free I am confident that Susanne and her staff will provide you with ethical, kind, and expert care. We can hardly wait for his next visit next week!"

Kiwi - Nancy R.

I’ve been bringing Kiwi to Susanne and Beth for the last six or eight months… I’ve lost track because time flies when you’re having spa fun!!
Her favorite part about getting treatment is the relaxation, which is very good for her. She almost falls asleep now.
I first started bringing her because she had some injuries from being a silly whippet running around, like a nut.  When we first began treatments, she was very nervous but now she settles in nicely and gets more and more relaxed every time we go.
So I want to thank you all for ever you have done to contribute to her physical health and well being. She has so much more stamina outside when she’s playing withless injuries and just has a ball running around the backyard. I want to thank you again for all your wonderful care. We feel very special when we go there and will continue coming back always. You guys are the best! 

KIwi 3.jpeg
Kiwi 2-2.jpg

Murphy - Deirdre C.

Murphy's favorite part about NCRFC is Susanne and all the great staff.

We were told Murphy (yellow lab) would be aggressive and have major joint issues that would require surgery.  One surgeon said it wasn't worth the $20,000!  We came here - no surgery needed!!  Therapy worked and was all that was needed.  I believe his life changed for the better because of NCRFC.

Murphy Clifford.jpg

Chewbacca - Holly-Beth M.

Favorite part: "Chewy looks forward to seeing the wonderful people at NCRFC every week. Every single staff member is so kind, professional, and friendly with Chewy. He looks forward to making his rounds and seeing everyone and getting all the lovins and sweet talkins! You guys are the best! <3"

What changes have you seen?: Chewy is getting stronger in his limbs, more relaxed and flexible with his muscles every visit. He got very stiff after his hind limb surgery and the work done at NCRFC is helping him feel good in his body and I fully believe greatly reducing his chances of another injury.

Share your story: In March of 2022, Chewbacca tore his CCL in his hind right knee.  I had never heard of this injury before, but after the diagnosis from our vet, we learned it was a common sport injury some dogs, particularly large active dogs, can be prone to.

The recovery period was long and daunting. When we were cleared for rehabilitation in January 2023, we did some research and found Susanne and the team at Northboro Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness Center.

Since the first appointment, after experiencing Susanne's huge heart for animals needing help and her experienced, knowledgeable hand, we knew we'd be sticking with NCRFC. 

Starting weekly hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and laser therapy with the team has been vital for Chewy's confident and thorough recovery from his surgery.  I fully believe that it is the NCRFC team's communication, insight, services, and interest in Chewy's recovery that has given my dear boy such a strong, fully healed limb.

We will continue to enjoy our sessions for a long time to come.  We've been told that we should all but expect his opposite CCL to tear now that he's torn the first.  I believe all the work Susanne, Beth, Cody, Liz, Marissa, and others have done on Chewy is helping to reduce that possibility by an exponential amount.

No matter what health issues may come our way in the future I trust the team at NCRFC with the health and continued wellness of my most treasured companion.  Love you guys!   

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