Rachael and Abby Armstrong

Abby and Susanne

Our golden retriever, Abby, had premature arthritis, probably from Lyme disease. We tried everything to make her feel better and return her quality of life to what it was prior to her pain. It wasn't until we met Susanne and her wonderful staff that we saw a huge change in her demeanor and abilities. She was quickly getting back up on her favorite chair and easily ascending and descending stairs. Abby has been a client of NCRFC for several years and is now 14. We still can't keep up with her. There are few things in life that give me more pleasure than seeing her run freely in fields and snow and, of course, to get her favorite treats. We are so grateful to have found Susanne and her amazing staff. We credit her and her team, with not only giving Abby a long life, but more importantly, a pain free and joyful one.

Rachael Armstrong
Abby Armstrong - Golden Retriever