Shelbie Angers


My name is Shelbie. I am an 11 year old Sheltie. My mom who loves me a bunch brings me to PT because I have some issues that have to be taken care of. 

Susanne is my therapist. She is pretty and kind. When we arrive for my session she greets us by asking my mom, "How am I doing?" THEN WE GET TO WORK.

First is the massage with a warm towel and magic hands. It makes me feel so good. After that is the rocker board, balancing board, and lastly the treadmill. It is hard work for me but it helps. 

Susanne is a very caring person. She works hard with each one of us and enjoys seeing us progress. Thanks Susanne. 

Shelbie & Georgie Angers 

Shelbie Angers
Shelbie - Sheltie